Join us as we start a brand new addition to our weekly broadcasts schedule by adding our 
newest on-line Biblical Study Session Courses called:

 "Spiritual Warfare and The Believers Authority" 
in accordance to Luke 10:19. 

In these sessions the Holy Spirit will impart to you 
Truth, Knowledge, Revelation, Understanding and Impartation 
so that you are equipped to:
Walk in the Authority given to you in these last days. 

What's Needed To Participate?

Bible, Pen/Pencil, Notebook, Willing and Eager Heart to Learn. 

 Whether you are brand new in learning the Bible or well advanced in biblical theology these biblical session courses will bring a Holy Spirit authoritative position and understanding enabling you to actively live the Word of God in these last days.

You cannot afford to miss this!

Biblical Preaching and Teaching from EMOAF Evangelistic and Discipleship Ministries On-Line Church
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​What version of the Bible should I use for this series?
Evangelist Anita will be teaching and preaching out of the KJV and NKJV at any given time

My work hours do not allow me to tune in Live, will these sessions be archived?

Do I need certain Qualifications to Participate?
Many courses of theological study and teaching require students to have a foundation of bible knowledge or even college credits or courses in order to register and or participate. Not with us! These biblical course sessions are brought to you in richness and Anointing no matter what your level of Biblical study may be. If you are brand new in the Word of God or a scholar in Biblical Theology these Powerful course sessions are sure to bring a fresh perspective, revelation and right now action to your walk in Christ! All that is needed is a Bible, Pen/Pencil, Notebook along with a Willing and Eager Heart To Learn.

Is this Bible College?
We are an unaccredited School of Ministry. The purpose of this Ministry School (as ordained by the Holy Spirit) is to prepare the body of Christ on how to actively walk and live the powerful and Anointed Word of God in these last days. The type of teachings you will hear and learn in these on-line classes can easily be likened to bible college and theology courses due to the rich learning and courses of study you will receive but without the expensive fees and admissions typically found at theological seminaries.

Are these bible session courses weekly?
Yes, unless noted otherwise. These courses will air live every Thursday at 11am PST (subject to change). There are breaks through out the year but courses are still available 365 days of the year 

Can I still tune in even if I don't take notes?
Yes. However we encourage each student to prepare themselves in a classroom type setting by having a pen/pencil, notebook, an uninterrupted atmosphere and bible on hand to receive the fullness of the lesson.

Will I learn different subjects and topics?
YES! The Holy Spirit will teach us a variety of important and right now lessons in a range of session courses on how to be doers of the Word of God and not just hearers only. Some topics you may learn in these broadcasts are:

  • The Truth About The Sin Nature, Fall of Man and Redemption in Christ Jesus
  • Last Days Apostasy and How To Stand Strong
  • Walking in Spiritual Wisdom and Discernment
  • Spiritual Warfare and the Believers Authority
  • Who We Are, Our Identity In Christ
  • You Can Walk and Live Free From Your Past
  • Faith In The Last Days 
  • and much, much, more...

Will I receive a Certificate at the end of each completed Session?
With every course completed you will have an opportunity to receive an Official EMOAF School of Ministry gold embossed certified certification of completion. With each full session completed you can also receive an Official EMOAF School of Ministry gold embossed Diploma showcasing all courses completed. Perfect for framing. A suggested donation is required.

Will there be tests and quizzes?
YES! Quizzes are typically given at the end of each weekly course and a final exam will take place once the session is completed.

What qualifies Evangelist Anita Fuentes To Preach and Teach the Word of God?
The Holy Spirit. Evangelist Anita Fuentes has been called, appointed and Anointed by the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ in this final hour to bring the Body of Christ and those who are yet saved the unadulterated and Living Word of God. Evangelist Anita has well over a decade of studying the Word of God. Educationally she has attended The Rock Bible College (formerly The Rock School of Ministry) in San Bernardino, CA and graduated 3rd in her class in 2007 with straight A's in all subjects included but not limited to: Theology I and II, Old and New Testament Survey, Eschatology, Leadership and Development, The Holy Spirit and His Anointing, Christian Counseling, Church History and much more. Although Evangelist Anita gleaned and received from her time in Bible College it is almost minute in comparison to her private study and time with the Lord concerning His Word for well over a decade, all of which the Lord will use her to bring to you in these biblical teaching courses. 

How long will each session be?
At least 1-hour, no longer than 2-hours unless there is a special session broadcast

Do I need to register?
No, but we highly recommend you do. Registering helps us keep a record on how many students attend our school and help find it beneficial in their walk to keep the school going. 

Does EMOAF School of Ministry run on government grants or loans? No. In order to keep the teachings and preaching in the school of ministry unadulterated and free of compromise we do not accept or receive any type of government loans or grants to run our on-line school. This is why it is beneficial that you help support the Labor of the word of this School of Ministry to keep it going strong by donating! 

Full Name:
How long have you tuned in to our broadcasts?
Your Age:
Are You An Ordained Minister With EMOAF? 
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 Course 1 - "Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only..." 
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 Course 2- "The Sin Nature and Fall of Man"
Over 1,000+ Students Registered Worldwide!
​"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity of going back to school. I have been wanting to go back to school again and I prayed long ago for the Lord to send me and let me know where to go. What a blessing it was and I learned so much. Love" your student Devanese Ellison, U.S. 

"You are anointed to teach dear sister Anita!" Student Joni P. from Texas

"Thank u so so so much for the potent and penetrating lesson... I felt like a soldier in a mass of millions, I am honored to follow you into battle any day. You are a true Shepard and thank you for the well put together lesson plan. God Bless!" Student Jason Wayne, U.S.

I thank the Lord for you and your Ministry which has been a beautiful and powerful blessing for my life! I enjoyed our first biblical study sooo much!!! I cried, I laughed, I felt the Holy Spirit." Student Janet Delgado, Georgia 

"Thank you. The teaching was spot-on. My goodness! You are literally LIVING IN TRUTH! It exudes from your spirit- because you are filled with the Spirit of Truth- the 3rd person of the All-Holy-Trinity. Anyone who sits under your teaching, is blessed." Student Elizabeth Ballew

"I want to say thank you for opening your home to all who registered for the Bible study courses. I learned a lot today. I learned things I never knew." Student Pamela Garcia,, CA.

"Thank you for all that you do... I was in tune with your message/teaching today it filled my heart with joy." Student Leticia M. Redlands, CA

"That was the best bible study class ever!! I give thanks to God for you doing this. Can't wait for the next one. You are highly blessed." 
Student Cassandra, U.S.

"Anita, my wife Edie, went home to be with the Lord 2 years ag. We were married for 49 years and she was a godly woman in every phase of her life. I am looking forward to this new program and I believe that it will greatly enrich my life." Student Walter Hama 73 yrs old, PA, U.S.

"I have been needing a class like this and God delivers in His own time! Anita, thank you so much for making this class free of charge! I will cotninue to pray for your ministry and God bless you!" Student Braydon Patrick, U.S.

Course 3- "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil"
Course 4 - "The Works of The Flesh" 
Course 5 - The Redemption of Christ" Part 1
Course 6 - The Redemption of Christ" Part 2
Course 7 - "Finals Review"
Course 8 - "Finals"
Session 2: Spiritual Warfare and the Believers Authority" 
Divided in Two Segments

1st Segment: Spiritual Warfare

  • What is spiritual war?
  • Who is Satan?
  • Who or what are demons and angels?
  • How does the devil wage war?
  • What are strongholds?
  • What are the weapons of our warfare?

2nd Segment: The Believers Authority

  • What is Authority? How does the believer get it?
  • Breaking the Power of the Devil
  • Exercising your Authority. What is our position?
  • Waging war in the spiritual realm
  • 5 Reasons believers don't walk in power
  • Being led by the Holy Spirit to war
Spiritual Warfare Segment 1 & 2
SESSION 2 EMOAF  "What is Spiritual War?"  Course 1 --- EXEGESIS: What is Spiritual War? The battle belongs to the Lord but YOU are the soldier! 
- How do we know there is a spiritual war? - Why do we even want to fight? - How the Bible describes spiritual war - Keywords - 10 Question Quiz 
A very special thank you to Minister Barbara Cagle from Cagle Online Ministries for taking the time to write detailed notes on all 8 courses of Session 1 for EMOAF School registrants. Immediate access available by clicking on picture.  
To all the students who completed all sessions in Course One and received your "Certificate of Completion" 
SESSION 2 "Who is Satan?" Course 2 --- Join us as we delve into Course 2 to gain further understanding as to who our adversary is. What was his origination, who is he know and what is his end? 10 Question Quiz. A class you do not want to miss! 
Session 2 - "Who or what are Demons and Angels?" Course 3 --- Join us as we delve into Course 3 to gain further understanding as to who or what are demons. This is a class you do not want to miss!
Session 2 "How Does The Devil Wage War?" Course 4 --- Join us as we delve into Session 4 to gain further understanding as to how the devil wages war. This is a class you do not want to miss!
Session 2 "What Are Strongholds & The Weapons of our Warfare" Courses 5 & 6 --- Join us we delve into the last 2 courses in one class setting of segment 1. In these teachings you will learn what are strongholds, how they are erected, how to tear them down, God and ungodly strongholds and the weapons needed to engage in this purposeful warfare. This is a class you do not want to miss!
Session 2 "What is Authority? How does the Believer get it?" Course 7 --- Join us we delve into the first course of segment 2. In this teaching you will learn what your Authority is as a believer in Christ Jesus, how to obtain it and walk in it. This is a powerful class you do not want to miss!
Session 2 "Breaking the Power of the Devil" Course 8 --- Join us we delve into this teaching on learning how to break the power of the devil as a believer in Christ Jesus. Does the devil have power? What does the devil have power over? How is it kept and how is it broken. This and much more is taught in this powerful class course. You do not want to miss!
Segment 2 of Session 2 Join us as we continue with Course 9 EMOAF "Exercising your Authority. What is our position?" This is going to be an explosive class! You can't afford to miss it!
Session 2 "Waging War In The Spiritual Realm" Course 10 --- Join us we delve into this teaching on learning how to Wage War In The Spiritual Realm as a believer in Christ Jesus. Is it chasing the devil? Yelling at the top of your lungs to demons? Answers and much more is taught in this powerful class course. You do not want to miss!
Session 2 "5 Reasons Believers Don' Walk In Power" Course 11 --- One word, POWERFUL! You do not want to miss!
God bless you Students! We wrapped up our final exams for Session 2 and was greatly pleased to send out Certificates of Achievements to students worldwide, Hallelujah!
Our dear friend and sister in Christ Minister Barbara Cagle went home to be with the Lord in January 2016. I miss my friend and appreciate the work she did even to the very end of her completing the race and being received in the arms of our Lord. 
Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes
EMOAF School of Ministry
With every course completed you can now receive an Official EMOAF School of Ministry gold embossed certified certification of completion for a small donation. With each full session completed you receive an Official EMOAF School of Ministry gold embossed Diploma showcasing all courses completed also for a donation. Perfect for framing 

Evangelist Anita Fuentes

President | Teacher
Ignacio Fuentes

Started November 8th 2016 until completed
In this Session 3 you will learn the following courses:

Course 1: Miracles, Signs and Wonders: Is it for Today?

What is Miracles, Signs & Wonders?
The Purpose of Miracles, Signs & Wonders
The negative steroetypes & controversies
Discerning the True from the False
The Great Commission

Course 2: Miracles of Jesus Christ

And greater works than these you shall do ​
​I Am the Lord that healeth thee

Course 3: The Holy Spirit

Outpouring & Baptism
The Gifts of the Spirit​

Course 4: The Early Church 

​Supernatural acts of the Disciples & Apostles before & after Jesus Ascension

Course 5: David

A man after God's heart
A King & Priest to his Master

Course 6: Apostleship

Signs of an Apostle 
The Anointing: It's not by might
Double Portion
Paying The Price

Course 7: Signs & Wonders follow

Course 8: Final Exam
EMOAF School of Ministry
Be Ye Doers of The Word 
Course 12 "Being led by the Holy Spirit to Wage War"
The war on the outside is only fought successfully when the battle is won on the inside. A powerful teaching! 
Final Exam
After you register you may start on the Session you choose. It's that easy! Your own personal teacher being led by the Holy Spirit, on your own time at your own pace.  
Questions? Contact us! 
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To receive an Official EMOAF Certificate of Completion for any of the Session 3 "Miracles, Signs & Wonders" Courses you completed (some courses now contains multiple subjects)  Please donate: $25.00 (state course title in comment section in checkout) 
To receive an Official EMOAF Diploma of Completion for all courses complete in Session 3 "Miracles, Signs & Wonders" please donate: $250.00
Note: No Certificates or Diplomas will be mailed until class/courses have been completed by instructor. Session 1 & 2 have been successfully completed. 
To receive an Official EMOAF Certificate of Completion for a specific course you completed in Session 2 "Spiritual Warfare & The Believers Authority" please donate: $15.00 state course title in comment section in checkout) 
EMOAF School of Ministry Diploma of Completion of all courses
What happened to the free Certificates? 
We here at EMOAF School of Ministry have been honored to give out hundreds of Certificates of Completion to students around the world in the past two years free of charge. The 2016/2017 school year is requiring a suggested donation to obtain a Certificate and now a Diploma to keep with the ever increasing costs of running a free on-line School of Ministry. We are happy to offer these school of ministry classes free of charge but it is not free for us and the operating costs we see on a monthly basis reminds us of this. We are grateful for any amount you see fit to give towards the Labor of the Word done here by donating a generous gift.  
Classes are free of charge
What do you hope to gain from these classes?
July 11th 2017 11am CST