Many in our nation and around the world have been diagnosed with stress disorders, from distress that can stem from a strained relationship, death of a loved one, or financial problems to post traumatic stress disorder due to  a terrifying event that may have taken place in the individuals life. 

I will give you an example on what many doctors label as post traumatic disorder . It is a personal experience before I gave my life to Christ. As a girl who grew up in a very abusive household, moved out on my own and planned on being someone who would never get hurt, bullied or beat on again I lived a life full of anger, lies and sexual sin. One day as I took a hit of a stick of weed I started to smoke just a couple of months prior I started to have delusional thoughts of not being able to breath. As I got closer to the mall I was headed to with another person my mind seemed to be reeling out of control with wild thoughts and imaginations of not being able to breath. I tried my best to play it off but it was short lived as I got out of the car, walked to the front door of Sears and started to hyperventilate. I had no idea what was happening as I tried to what seemed to be, "catch my breath" my heart was racing and beating so hard I kept telling the person I was with I was having a heart attack. Now I can say by the Grace of God I regained myself after what seemed to be a long time of going through this panic attack, got driven back to my apartment and laid on the sofa with the a/c on full blast. That was the first day of 6 years living in great anxiety, horrible fear, awful imaginations and thoughts filled with fear and torment of that moment happening again when I least expected it and losing control. With all this the emergence of stronge urges also known as ocd  accompanied this.  

I can say this with great understanding as to how stress feels and how it can get out of control that the only way I was able to break free and Live was by this:

  • Giving my entire heart and life to Jesus Christ...Literally giving Him everything. Matthew 10:39
  • Being baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Matthew 3:11

These two things are the only way one can break free from any kind and all kinds of stress. With these two things the following automatically takes place:

  • Healing and deliverance from all that tormented and hurt you. Matthew 4:24
  • Ability to walk in the Spirit of God and not the lust of the flesh. Galations 5:16
  • The fruit of the Spirit that takes over negative emotions: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control. Galations 5:22-23
  • Hunger and filling on the things of God i.e, the Word/Bible, Worship Music, Godly literature, and more. Matthew 5:6
  • A deep intimacy with the Lord God Almighty. John 14:23
  • Boldness in your walk and life in Christ. Acts 4:13
  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit manifesting in areas in your walk. 1Corinthians 12:4-7
  • A deep Love for the Lord. John 15:9
  • A peace which surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:7
  • Abhorring of evil and ungodliness. Psalm 97:10
  • Fear of the Lord that replaces all ungodly fears. Job 28:28
  • Authority in Christ to cast out demons. Luke 9:1
  • Reaffirmation/decision that God is your life and He's all you want and will ever need. Matthew 16:24-25

Stress, PTSD and the Christian
Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15
Let's get your healing started Right Now. Pray:

"Jesus, I need You. I am ready to surrender my entire life to You in exchange for the New Life You have for me. I don't know what that means but it has to be better than the Life I am living now. I give You my past, present and future. I am renouncing any other way to salvation. I renounce any other gods I worshipped and I am renouncing my way of doing things. I am accepting Your invitation to be Born Again, to have my name written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I want everything You Have for me. Deliver me from any addictions, strongholds, fears, shame and anything else that is not of you. Baptize me now in Your Love and with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire. You will lead me from this day on. I am Yours. Amen."

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